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Directly address
No.4 park, high-tech zone, fuzhou city, jiangxi province.


Directly address
No.4 park, high-tech zone, fuzhou city, jiangxi province.

Developing jiangxi hua MAO health care products development co., LTD., is rapidly taking the "bee" to rise and sail away!

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The head office is located in Longitudinal road 4, High technology industrial zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province.


Presence honey
"Presence" honey: close to the people's life of the comfort of honey.
  It is still a long way to find a stable natural mature honey source. It is also the noble goal of every honey producer.
"Come" honey, as the pure natural, close to the people's life of the safe honey of the practice, the natural honey source of procurement and large-scale production to adopt strict quality control.
Jiangxi hualao health products co., LTD was founded by Mr. Zhu zhengyang. Responsible for the purchase of natural honey. Adopt the pattern of honey source + farmer + base to organize the harvest and purchase of natural honey, and control the quality of honey from the source.
Every barrel of honey bought by huamao can be traced back to the source. By adopting the model of the company + farmers, the farmers' interests and the interests of the company are jointly developed through the agreement, and the quality of each bucket of honey is recorded in the file for searching.
Collected natural mature honey, after multi - channel detection into the production process. Every test in huamao lab, will be the base collection of honey bee field according to the barrel samples, one by one test, the test of the self, classify warehousing, organize production according to market demand.
Through the modern plant, the ultraviolet radiation, sterile filtration. Realize honey flowing water, intelligent filtration and canning. The detection institutions designated by the state sampling qualified after a steady stream of offers, the market for a long time, "to" high quality natural ripe honey honey was favored by the consumers, is close to common people life rest assured honey.
Based on today, look to the future. "Presence" honey will adhere to the high-end natural mature honey harvest and large-scale production, not only in the domestic front, but also to the international market.